Storage Tips

Stay on track with your moving process using our moving checklists and packing and storage tips! 

When it comes to moving, King Mini Storage wants to help make the process easier for you by removing stress associated with deadlines, lack of organization and the unfamiliarity of moving and storing your personal belongings. We understand your life doesn't slow down for you during this process, so we've created some valuable checklists and tips to help you stay on track and prepared. We recommend printing off these helpful checklists and tips and placing them on a dedicated clip board to keep you organized. Check off items as you've completed them and if you've gotten behind, know your deadlines and get back on track. Keep in mind everyone has different needs, so it is important that you take the time to throughly read them before starting your move, brainstorm any specific items that apply to you that may not be listed, and add them as soon as possible.
It is our goal to help make you moving and storage experience one that goes smoothly; and with proper planning, you can do just that. Utilize our moving checklist below to ensure you are on track and add to the list details that are customized to your move. Using a checklist customized for your move can remove a lot of undue stress for you and your family.


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